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About the "Another Day Comics" Strip


“Another Day” is a comic strip that portrays a female character who stumbles through the daily absurdities of relationships, career, family dysfunction, and the quest to find a sense of value and purpose in the midst of it all. What differentiates this from other strips is that the primary characters are aspects of the Self- the annoyingly positive narrator who represents the external “shoulds”, the insecure main character who is riddled with self-doubt and fear, and the down-to-earth, straight-shooting inner child who cuts through the crap and says it like it is. The strip’s honesty and vulnerability help people laugh at themselves and thereby feel like they are not alone.

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Readership Demographics:

The strip appeals to women between the ages of 30 and 55 who are educated, conscientious, aspiring, reflective, and obsessed with self-improvement. It also appeals to anyone in the arts, the non-profit sector, social services, or people who tend to be overly hard on themselves.

Publications in which “Another Day” has appeared:
  • Ohohia – Hawaii’s Leading Holistic Magazine
  • The National Journal of Health & Recovery
  • Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Downtown
  • Women’s Caucus for Art Newsletter, New York City Chapter
  • Women in Limbo – Emerging from the Underground
  • The Sky Dancer – Newsletter of the SkyDancing Institute
Comments from Readers:

“I absolutely loved your cartoons! I laughed like a lunatic on the plane as I read them.”
-Sheila Tartaglia, poet

“I want the T-shirt!”
-Manon Tenney, alcoholism counselor

“Anyone can relate to these – the issues are universal.”
-Eric Wales, filmmaker

The Characters:

The “Narrator”
The narrator sets the scene, but it is often oblivious to the emotions involved.

the Self

The “Self”
This is the main character. She means well, but she lacks confidence, is prone to anxiety, and never stops trying to improve herself.

the Critic

The “Critic”
This crotchety, sharp-toothed older voice offers her advice whenever it is not needed.

the Inner Child

The “Inner Child”
This spunky and direct kid says it like it is and acts as the voice of wisdom.

cat with belly up

The “Others”
As the Self goes through her days, she encounters boyfriends, co-workers, her mother or father, friends, and pets, plus a few other inner demons.

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