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Tons of Fun Cartoon Stuff to Buy

The fully stocked "Another Day Comics" store has arrived! Start your collection with the Mother-Daughter "No longer in therapy" T-shirt and impress your friends! There are mugs, pajamas, tote bags, calendars, and lots more!

Comic Books

Soon you will be able to buy Another Day Comics books. The following titles exist, and if you are dying to get one, please contact us. That'll help motivate us to put them online.

Downsized: Life After Corporate Security

Downsized: Life After Corporate "Security"

The Fine Art of Remaining Stuck

The Fine Art of Remaining Stuck: Nurturing the Inner Saboteur

The Mother-Daughter Conundrum

The Mother-Daughter Conundrum: Learning to Care for the Inner Child


Cartoon Prints

Here are samples of 8½ by 11 color prints. These, too, will soon be available for sale. Click on the thumbnail image to enlarge and launch the slideshow.

Angst The Artist Faces the Empty Sketchpad Aspire No Longer in Therapy